Preview: what to expect from MSVirtual2020?

MSVirtual2020 (11-13 September) will be the 8th joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS meeting, and the first with a fully virtual program. The sessions this year are organized into parallel, thematically focused tracks.

The Clinical Track highlights emerging trends in the customization of MS clinical trials and disease modifying therapies, based on demographics, and disease stage and activity. Updates will be given on clinical trials in progressive MS, and on escalation versus aggressive treatment approaches in relapsing MS. In addition, there will be news of exciting advances in the use of neurorehabilitation and neuroprosthetics/robotics to alleviate symptoms and enhance function.

The Pathogenesis Track explores our growing understanding of the heterogeneity and sub-specialization of innate and adaptive leukocytes implicated in the pathogenesis and regulation of MS. New discoveries about two-way communication between the CNS and the gut/microbiome during MS, and about the neuronal and glial response to neuroinflammation, will be shared.